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Collection of PHOTOS AND VIDEOS of destroyed tanks. PART 4

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1. Decommissioned M 47 Patton as dummy target in a military training area
2. Iraqi tank casualties line the road to Basra in March 2003
3. T62 at the monument of the "Valley of tears" battle, Golan heights.
4. Traffic accident at an undisclosed location in the Middle East back in 2015
5. "At a velocity of about 6600 feet per second, the 22-pound copper slug from the "Fire Ant" munition easily penetrated the 3-inch armor plate on this surplus tank"
6. Korean People's Army 4th Division T-34/85 tank destroyed during the First Battle of Naktong Bulge on August 17th 1950
7. Iraqi T-62, 1991
8. SPIKE SR missile HEAT warhead defeats spaced armor plate
9. AMX-13 light tank destroyed by a 2K25 Krasnopol laser guided artillery shell
10. SAA T-62M1 after taking an ATGM to the barrel
11. Russian soldiers and destroyed T-72BA, Eastern Ukraine, August 2014.
12. T-55 After being used as target practice for other tanks and anti tank weapons
13. Wreckage of Georgian T-72s, Tskhinvali, Russo-Georgian War, 2008
14. An M4 wreck at the site of the Little Feller 1, nuclear test. This was a 1961 test of the Davy Crockett tactical nuclear weapon, sometimes known as the "nuclear bazooka".
15. M113
16. Contender for the turret throwing olympics. What a landing!
17. Destroyed NVA T55s in Saigon 1975.
18. Turkish BMC Vuran after taking a PKK IED. Of the 13 pasengers, five were killed. 1 June 2016
19. T-62 tank casualties of the 1973 Arab–Israeli War
20. T-72B3 belonging to 6th Tank Seperate Brigade of Russian army knocked out in Eastern Ukraine, August 2014
21. SAA T-55 decapitated and burnt out near Yarmouk Camp - 2016
22. Barrel failure of T55 in Syria, 2016/17.
23. Destroyed T-72 in Donetsk Airport, 2015
24. 3 Soviet-era T55 tanks of Libya abandoned in the Sahara after the Libya-Chad war of 1987.
25. Syrian Tank (1967), Banias National Park, Israel. From ‘Along The Break’ by Roei Greenberg.
26. 2 knocked out Israeli Tirans/T-55s during 1973 Arab Israeli War
27. Only M1A2 lost to enemy fire during Invasion of Iraq (OIF). Hit by 100mm AT gun on turret side. Conflicting reports on casualties (2 WIA reported).
28. Target tank.. Destroyed in seconds
29. Painted over and abandoned M4A4 Sherman unknown location
30. South African Army tank (Olifant? Centurion?) that fell off its tank transporter trailer in traffic
31. M48 Patton that ran over a 100lb nitrostarch landmine in Vietnam. It took a day to drag the tank back to the depot and another two weeks to fix it.
32. Saudi M1 Abrams destroyed in Yemen, 2019
33. M1A1 Abrams being field stripped after getting knocked out on its way to Baghdad.
34. Patton tanks taken out by Hellfire missiles during AH-64 Apache trials
35. Destroyed btr in Chechnya
36. T54 knocked out by a B-52. An loc 1972
37. Centurion turned into a treadmill (The tracks move and appear to drive the treadmill on top). Built ahead of the 2012 Olympics, the artists wanted to use an American tank but were apparently "not allowed"
38. T-72B3 destroyed in Russia's southern military district, unknown cause
39. Found some M50 carcasses.
40. Burnt out Type 63 APC, Tiananmen Square 1989
41. Egyptian SU-100 destroyed during the Yom Kippur War, 1973
42. Russian soldier squatting in front of a destroyed ZSU-23-4 “Shilka”
43. old American tanks crashed earlier today (probably M36 Jackson and M3 Stuart, but feel free to correct me)
44. An Iraqi armored column destroyed in the Euphrates River Valley during Operation Desert Storm
45. Abrams with an ouchie
46. T-72s disabled and knocked out by Chechen RPGs during the farcical First Battle of Grozny, 1999

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