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Rare Collection of rare photos from World War 2 of destroyed tanks. PART 3

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1. Sherman Tank, destroyed by a shot from Panzerfaust
2. Destroyed T-34/76s and a T-60 scout tank litter the battlefield
3. I think something's missing from this Panther
4. Matila Lost Its Top North Africa
5. Destroyed French Renault FT tanks seen from a Panzer II in 1940
6. Sad Tiger and the Tank Whisperer
7. 3-inch gun M5, M5 Stuart and M8 Greyhound knocked out in a US convoy South of Malmedy during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944
8. Burning T-34 sans turret at the side of the road
9. Sherman Crab flail tank hits a mine on the road to Villers-Bocage in 1944
10. Holey T-34
11. 2nd SS-Das Reich Hummel and SdKfz 251 Half-Track knocked out in Roncey, France by the US 2nd Armored Division on Aug 3, 1944 NSFW
12. Cruiser and Crusader tanks burning in the Western Desert
13. semi destroyed tank
14. French Renault UE Chenillette commander dead in his seat in 1940
15. Battle damaged Sherman tanks in France repaired in the field in 1944
16. Remains of the last Panzer IV engagements still rotting away in the Golan Heights.
17. DAK leFH 18 105mm howitzer crews practice direct fire against British tank wrecks in 1941
18. Destroyed T-34/76 with hexagonal turret
19. Recovery of a M4A3E8 '"Easy Eight" Sherman knocked out by a mine is attempted then abandoned during Operation Killer in early 1951
20. Destroyed KV-1 heavy tank with a holed 76mm gun in July 1941
21. Mk I Male, knocked out at Arras 1917.
22. French tank casualties including Char B1 Bis "Toulon" destroyed by its own crew after a gearbox malfunction on May 17th 1940
23. M4A2 tank named Killer, with a Type 94 TE KE tank hitchhiking on its back deck - photo taken on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Feb 2, 1944
24. destroyed British Sherman M4 near Caen in Normandy - Waffen SS using it for recon cover
25. U.S. Army Sarge posing next to an abandoned Jagdtiger. Its track was possibly taken out by artillery, so this was a mobility kill.
26. Fourth Tank Brigade KV-1 destroyed by multiple hits from 88mm guns in October 1941
27. Tank destroyed in WWII. From grandpa's collection of pictures he got from his brother who served with the CDNs. I'm sorry I don't know more about this!
28. Row of knocked out Panthers
29. A dark remindet of what must be done after a tank is knocked/burnt out. [Panzer 4 on the African front.]
30. T-34/76 tank casualties in the Winter of 1943-44
31. M4A3 Sherman tank from the 778th US Tank Battalion, destroyed in the German city of Lampaden NSFW
32. A knocked out Panzer IV. Possible internal explosion judging by the graves in the background
33. Sherman completely destroyed after devastating hit from German 88mm
34. Done in T-34
35. Soviet T-28 tank that suffered internal explosion during Barbarossa, rendering it completely unusable
36. Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tanks burning on the Muar-Parit Sulong Road knocked out by 2 pounders of 13th Battery 2/4th Anti-Tank Regiment in January 1942
37. 2/4 Australian Field Workshop Engineers blow up an abandoned Panzerjäger I with demolition charges near Tobruk in 1942
38. German soldier inspects destroyed Soviet Lend Lease Valentine tank on the Eastern Front
39. US Sherman tank casualties from the Battle of San Pietro south of Monte Cassino at the end of 1943
40. T-34 Russian tank
41. Holey Pz II

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